Social Media

Is Your Social Media Approach Engaging or Annoying?

Social media is important for all small business owners. That’s true whether you’re in real estate, retail, or provide HVAC or plumbing services. Almost everybody knows that these days, but for some, using social tools the wrong way can be devastating. That’s because so many consumers are inundated with social notifications and requests these days that […]

Past customer marketing

Past Customer Marketing Is Your Best Source For New Leads

You are constantly looking for new customers. Be sure you take full advantage of the valuable resource of past customers for new leads. Those customers you spent so much time and effort attracting in the first place have a very strong opinion of your company based on their history with you. By focusing on providing […]

Mortgage Marketing Secrets

5 Digital Marketing Secrets for Mortgage Lenders

Digital channels allow mortgage marketers to identify their target audience and increase lead generation. If you’re struggling with digital marketing, take solace in the fact that you’re not alone. Many mortgage lenders have difficulty putting together a digital marketing plan. We’ve compiled five digital marketing secrets you may not have heard about that can help […]

Contractor Marketing Samples

Contractor Marketing 5-Year Campaign Samples

Making the most of your contractor marketing efforts requires a bit of relationship building and a lot of commitment to your brand. When you combine these two elements, the rest will come naturally. As a contractor, you should see your customers as seasonal consumers with year-round needs. Because your pool of potential buyers operates largely on […]

Generate Mortgage Leads

3 Outside-of-the-Box Ways to Generate Mortgage Leads

If you’re a mortgage lender, you struggle with getting new clients. So you reach out to current customers and past clients, network with realtors, and create targeted marketing campaigns. While there’s no shortage of ways to generate leads from your database, you might feel there aren’t any approaches you haven’t tried. Here are three outside-of-the-box […]

Real Estate Follow-Up Program

Real Estate Marketing 5-Year Follow-up Program Samples

Is your real estate marketing campaign meeting its goals of opening the door to referrals, repeat business, and long-term success? A 5-year follow-up plan that automatically sends customers milestone communications offers a wealth of benefits to amplify and capitalize on your real estate marketing efforts. Long-Term Dedication to Real Estate Marketing Still a Must An […]