Small Business Marketing

How to Use Emotion in Your Marketing

Today’s average consumer is exposed to so much advertising that it can be overwhelming. That’s why many marketing experts say that millennials are the first generation that is truly hard to reach through your average advertising campaign. Data on millennials aside, marketing still has a place in today’s world, and without it, your company will […]

Retention Marketing

Retention Marketing: Personalization of Corporate Brands

The concept of retention marketing is simple: Take action to increase the likelihood that your customers will purchase from you again. Everyone understands that retaining existing customers is less costly than acquiring new customers. That is common sense. But, personalization of your corporate brand does more than save marketing dollars – it strengthens the bond […]

Mortgage Content Marketing

Attract More Mortgage Clients With Content Marketing

Content marketing is ideal for a wide range of businesses, but is particularly well-suited for the mortgage industry. It’s a powerful way to build trust with prospects and cut through the false promises that can lead to disappointment. Mortgage content marketing lets you create and distribute valuable and relevant content to an audience looking for […]

Maintenance Contracts

2 Reasons Customers Say No to Maintenance Contracts

In an industry that is equal parts excellent service, stellar work, and outstanding reputation, it’s no wonder why repeat business is so essential to the successful operation of a contractor’s company. Of course, the more contracts you have signed for future work, the easier your workflow and budgeting will be. This begs the age-old contractor question: […]