Automated Marketing

Examples of Automated Marketing Programs that Retain Customers & Generate Leads

The technology is readily available to automate many marketing tasks, such as emails, posts to social media, and content updates on your website. It is important that you fully understand the capabilities of any automated marketing program you choose. Ideally, it helps you maintain individualized contact with your existing customers while connecting with potential customers […]

Small Business Marketing

4 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions

Small business marketing relies heavily on website generated traffic in many cases. A cost-effective solution to helping you get more customers, your website should be a great benefit to your brand. If you’re not turning landing page visitors into customers though, you could be getting less from your website than you bargained for. Use these […]

mortgage marketing campaigns

Mortgage Marketing Campaigns: 3 Ways to Skyrocket Customer Retention

Lenders constantly feel the pressure to find more effective and efficient ways to retain customers. Customer retention is always a challenge, but there are ways to make your mortgage marketing campaigns more successful at building better customer loyalty. It starts with understanding that it takes a different marketing approach to keep current customers than to gain […]

Video Marketing

3 Ways to Implement Video Marketing for Your HVAC Business

When YouTube hit the scene, people thought marketers were crazy to entertain the idea of buying into such a fad. Here we are now, entering into 2017, and video marketing has managed to make a substantial impact in today’s business economy. As an HVAC professional, you have an incredible opportunity to draw an audience at […]

HVAC Marketing

HVAC Contractor Marketing Program Examples Video

There’s a certain science to HVAC marketing that doesn’t quite apply to most other industries: You need to be able to relate to the general public in a manner that’s warm and welcoming while showing your expertise at some pretty complicated (and necessary) processes. If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the idea of generating an HVAC marketing […]

Bank Customer Onboarding

Streamline Your Bank’s Customer Onboarding Process

A bank’s customer onboarding process is a critical function. It impacts customer experience, servicing, and relationships which, in turn, impact profits. Often considered a routine and even insignificant process, inefficient onboarding unfortunately leads to customer attrition and missed growth opportunities, including cross-selling. Many banks still have fragmented processes that prevent a seamless onboarding function. You can […]