Enterprise Marketing Strategy

Three Components of a Successful Enterprise Marketing Strategy

The success of your business relies on you constantly generating new customers and also maintaining an ever-growing database of loyal customers. Achieving that requires an enterprise marketing strategy that always fits with your business plan and can be adapted as the market changes. Be sure these three essential components are part of your marketing strategy. […]

Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing: Creating a Social Media Calendar

Content creation and sharing is a huge part of small business marketing in this technology driven age. If you’re not creating and sharing regularly, you’re missing out on one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies available. Finishing content on time and getting it to your regular and potential customers isn’t always easy for a small business […]

Mortgage CRM

5 Ways a Mortgage CRM Can Save You Money

Mortgage lending comes with unique dynamics that set it apart from other financial industry sectors – dynamics that a generic CRM will simply not address. Lenders who want to maximize their performance in the marketplace should look for CRM software to not only help them generate leads and grow their business, but also save them […]

HVAC Direct Mail

3 Direct Mail Ideas for HVAC Contractors

One smart marketing tactic for HVAC contractors is to include direct mail correspondence in your marketing strategy. Direct mail is essentially a marketing strategy that uses postal mail to deliver promotional information to your audience. And although postal mail may seem out of date in the world of digital, it can still be a great strategy for […]

Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing: Strategies For Selling Every Listing

Are you marketing your real estate listings the same way as every other agent in town? If so, you’re not giving yourself the creative edge you need to close more deals. The typical process tends to go something like this: list properties on the MLS, buy ads, hold open houses, and promote properties on your […]

Mortgage CRM

Using Personalized URLs in Your Mortgage Business

Personalized URLs, also known as PURLs, are a highly effective form of marketing for your mortgage business. When used with a state-of-the-art mortgage CRM, they can help you not only add a personalized touch to your campaigns, but also generate leads. What are PURLs? You may have heard that PURLs are great for increasing response rates, but […]

Creating a Video Series to Market Real Estate

Creating a video series is a great tool for a real estate agent’s marketing toolbox. It is by far the best way to appeal to the emotional and subjective factors involved with every buying or selling transaction. Like all marketing campaigns, your real estate videos must be well-made, relevant, and valuable to home buyers and sellers. […]