Creating Customer Profiles

Creating Customer Profiles for Your Small Business

Reaching your target audience with marketing materials can be difficult for any small business. The fact is that even knowing who you should be trying to reach and which customers are really ideal for your business can be problematic. When it comes to generating leads and retaining customers, creating customer profiles can be a huge […]

Effective Enterprise Marketers

5 Things Effective Enterprise Marketers Get Right

Enterprise marketing is more important today than it ever has been before. It’s an ever-evolving aspect of business that company owners must monitor and evaluate for optimal performance. There are some consistencies to successful marketing strategies. Learn from and do these five things that effective marketers get right. 1. Have a solid content marketing plan. Your […]

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management: Saving Time and Boosting Efficiency

Nothing’s more vital to your business’ success as its customer relationships. Customer relationship management software allows you to manage those valuable alliances, letting you adopt an organized system for saving customer records, increasing productivity, and boosting efficiency. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Productivity CRM is centered on customer relationships but also provides additional benefits to your […]

Service World Expo 2017

Join Continuity Programs at Service World Expo 2017

Continuity Programs is pleased to announce we’ll be exhibiting at Service World Expo in Las Vegas, from September 7-8. Friends and clients of ours can save $10 on registration, with code: Save$10Continuity. There’s a difference between gaining new customers and keeping them. You pay a lot in marketing and sales efforts to get a single customer, so it’s […]

How Contractors Can Improve Customer Satisfaction and Increase Referrals

How Contractors Can Improve Customer Satisfaction and Increase Referrals

A referral to your business from an existing customer is one of the strongest leads your business can get. This is because people are four times more likely to buy from a company that a friend referred them to. That means your contractor marketing should be constantly working to improve customer satisfaction and, in turn, increase referrals. Here […]

Real Estate Marketing: Resources For Generating Business

Real Estate Marketing: Resources For Generating Business

Real estate marketing is a complex endeavor. Are you doing all you can to set yourself apart in today’s crowded field? While the Internet has opened up a world of opportunities in real estate marketing, it still requires a lot of work and time – something Realtors constantly struggle with. You probably spend more time […]

Mortgage Marketing Challenges

Mortgage Marketing: 3 Challenges to Overcome

When compared to other industries, mortgage lenders face unique marketing challenges. Regulations and a shifting financial landscape mean that to compete, mortgage lenders will need to concentrate on educating themselves on a changing marketplace and learn to meet these challenges head-on. Challenge #1: Keeping Up with Regulations Everyone knows that lenders have no shortage of […]