Enterprise Marketing

Developing Case Studies for Your Enterprise

Case studies are a beneficial component of your enterprise marketing strategy in a variety of ways. They put a human face on the features and benefits of your product. Your potential clients and customers will relate to others who have benefited from the features you offer. Just reading about and seeing the path someone else […]

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small business marketing

Small Business Marketing Tips – Know Your Competition

Developing small business marketing efforts that reach your target customer base and achieve the results you’re looking for can be a difficult process. When you’re running a small business in a crowded marketplace, as so many owners, cutting through the fray and reaching out to make sales or pick up new clients becomes even harder. […]

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Contractor Lead Generation

Using Call to Actions to Attract Better Leads

New business prospecting involves finding new leads and nurturing them until they’re ready to buy. A contractor marketing system gives you the unique opportunity of attracting better and more qualified leads. Use the tips below to improve your contractor lead generation through specific calls to action. What is a call to action? A call to action (CTA) […]

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Loan Officer Marketing Flyers

Creating Effective Loan Officer Marketing Flyers

Marketing mortgage products and services is a challenge. One way to increase business, generate leads, and develop referrals is with loan officer marketing flyers. Effective Loan Officer Marketing Flyers What is an effective loan officer marketing flyer? Simple: the one that educates without boring your audience or coming across as too hard-sell. When you educate potential […]

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Contractor Marketing

Contractor Business: 4 Local Marketing Tips

When you run a local business, your marketing strategy is going to be a little different from an online business or brand. There are only a couple of specific geographical regions that you need to focus your marketing efforts on, and certain digital platforms that you should be using over others. In order to reach your people, here […]

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Real Estate Marketing Emails

Real Estate Marketing: Adding a Personal Touch to Emails

With all the focus on digital marketing strategies, it can be easy to forget that the personal touch still greatly matters. Studies consistently show that email is the number one go-to channel for marketers, but email campaigns have changed over the past several years. What worked just five years ago is no longer effective in […]

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Mortgage Marketing Strategies

Improving Communication With Mortgage Prospects

As a lender, generating a greater number of leads is a key component of your overall mortgage marketing game plan. Lead generation efforts only succeed, though, if you take the time to stay in touch, responding to and nurturing those leads. One of the best mortgage marketing strategies you can adopt is a clear-cut plan […]

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Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing: How To Get Neighbors To An Open House

Some of the best referrals for buyers are living right next door. Neighbors, who may know of a friend, relative, or coworker looking to buy, can provide the best word-of-mouth real estate marketing for open houses. They may even be ready to list their own homes. Looking for ways to get these valuable ambassadors to attend […]

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