Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing: Creating Instructional Videos

Building a brand as a small business competing with bigger companies, many of which have considerably larger budgets, can feel like performing a magic trick. The truth is that small business marketing is all about scale and doing as much as you can with what you have. For many small business owners, instructional videos are […]

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Web to Print

Personalizing Products Using Web to Print Technology

Technology has improved how companies do business in many ways. It has also raised the expectations of customers. People want convenience, more options, and quality communications with companies. To earn business and keep customers loyal, your company must constantly be looking for ways to improve customer engagement. When you provide a way for customers to […]

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Mortgage Marketing Plan

The Missing Ingredient in Your Mortgage Marketing Plan

It’s a great feeling when a plan comes together. But sometimes, the perfect plan you thought you were creating doesn’t turn out the way you envisioned. It only takes one missing piece to keep a marketing plan from rising to the top. If this important ingredient is missing from your organization’s mortgage marketing plan, now’s […]

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contractor marketing

Contractor Marketing: Local Community Involvement

Your contractor marketing involves a lot more than simply your online presence and your local advertising. In fact, a great way to get the word out about your company is local community involvement. What do you do around town to get people to take notice of you? Here are a few ways to get started on […]

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Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing: 5 Tips for Boosting Repeat Business

Every Realtor needs to ask themselves “How do I get former clients to work with me again?” While technology makes it easier than ever to stay in touch, it’s the carefully nurtured personal connection that keeps people coming back. Try these tips for staying top of mind when your past clients decide to sell or […]

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MGIC Elements

MGIC Elements: Mortgage CRM that Manages Your Customer Relationships

Generating and tracking leads, creating targeted communications, and providing customers with an outstanding lending experience are all necessary steps in achieving more new and repeat business and referrals. An easy-to-use yet highly efficient mortgage lead-generating CRM lets you organize your database and take advantage of all the benefits this technology has to offer. The Easy […]

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real estate listings

How to Get Your Listings Priced Right Against the Seller’s Top Objections

Do you find yourself scrambling for words when faced with a seller’s objections over your real estate listings advice? It’s not an uncommon reaction and it helps to remember that a seller views a home as one of his or her most valuable assets. Emotionally, they will almost always believe it’s worth more than the market […]

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