MGIC Elements

MGIC Elements: Mortgage CRM that Manages Your Customer Relationships

Generating and tracking leads, creating targeted communications, and providing customers with an outstanding lending experience are all necessary steps in achieving more new and repeat business and referrals.

An easy-to-use yet highly efficient mortgage lead-generating CRM lets you organize your database and take advantage of all the benefits this technology has to offer.

The Easy Way to Manage Customer Relationships

Continuity Programs, in partnership with MGIC, offers a unique mortgage lead generating CRM solution. MGIC Elements helps you:

  • Gain efficiency
  • Save time and money through automated marketing
  • Easily generate leads, referrals and testimonials
  • Get up to three times more repeat business
  • Effortlessly follow-up with contacts
  • Measure and monitor customer satisfaction

How MGIC Elements Measures Up

Most mortgage CRMs offer features and benefits like reporting and analytics, automated email campaigns, and ways to keep in touch with prospects, customers, and referral partners. MGIC Elements goes further with features other mortgage-specific CRMs do not extend:

  • Built-in personalized website pages (PURLs) for lead generation
  • Consistent generation of testimonials for social media sharing
  • Customer satisfaction surveys with Net Promoter Score (NPS) scoring
  • Access to an online store with mortgage specific mailings, flyers, emails, and more
  • A company-branded private storefront

Most importantly, no matter what size your account, MGIC Elements includes a dedicated Account Manager and Customer Service team.

The Bottom Line

Growing a successful mortgage business depends on efficiently managing your pipeline throughout the entire lifecycle. The right mortgage lead generating CRM helps you do that by amplifying productivity and making database management more effective. All of this will naturally help you retain your top producing loan officers.

A reliable CRM solution lets you take advantage of all the latest technology and helps you provide clients with an exceptional customer experience. And that gives you a competitive edge against other mortgage lenders, no matter how large or small your institution may be.

To learn more about MGIC Elements, download the product brochure here.

MGIC Elements Brochure

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