Bank Marketing Strategies

3 Bank Marketing Strategies for 2018

Internal struggles and external threats to the industry itself will continue to be the two biggest challenges banks face heading into 2018. In its recently released report, “Predictions 2018: Financial Services Companies Get Serious About Digital Transformation,” Forrester projects that, as regulators continue to promote competition, most banks will spend the coming year working on new and […]

Mortgage Lead Generation

Big Challenges Ahead for Mortgage Lead Generation

It’s quickly become a mobile-first world. Lenders who use digital marketing techniques and automation for their mortgage lead generation efforts will be one step ahead of the competition and well on their way to improving their bottom line. Here’s how to face the coming challenges by optimizing your marketing assets for today’s digital reality. Face Tomorrow’s Mortgage Lead […]

HVAC Marketing

HVAC Marketing: Collecting High-Quality Testimonials

One of the best strategies for HVAC marketing is to utilize the good testimonials that your past customers have given you. There’s nothing stronger than the social proof of happy customers to make someone want to work with you. So how do you go about collecting high-quality testimonials to share on your website, on your […]

Value Proposition

Contractor Marketing: Building a Killer Value Proposition

Do you know what a value proposition is? It’s the thing that attracts customers to your product or service. The value that your business is able to provide. And this is more than just what your product or service is. There are tons of other businesses that offer your exact same product or service. But why should […]

Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Why You Should Be Working With and Following-up With Renters

Marketing to renters has traditionally been used to attract first-time buyers. But in today’s market, many renters are not first-time buyers at all. For instance, renters are often in transition – changing jobs, between homes, or going through a divorce. Marketing to this diverse group can sustain your business for years to come. Real Estate […]

mortgage lead generation

3 Ways to Improve Mortgage Lead Generation

It’s a fact of mortgage marketing life: to close more loans, you need a healthy supply of mortgage leads flowing into your sales pipeline. You already know that a mortgage-specific CRM offers a great way to generate high-quality leads. But if your campaigns leave you wanting more, here are three great ways to further open the […]

Monthly Real Estate Mailers

How to Use Monthly Real Estate Mailers

Mailers are a tried-and-true marketing strategy for Realtors. They’re designed to build awareness and are most effective when done over time. Did you know that the direct mail household response rate of 5.1% is far higher than email (.6%), paid search (.6%), online ads (.2%), and social media (.4%) combined? Monthly Mailings Get Results Studies have […]