Postcard Marketing

Postcard Marketing: 5 Tips You Can Use

Postcards garner the most responses when they are sent to existing clients and customers, but they are also a good low-cost component of any marketing campaign. Five simple tips can help you make the most of this tried-and-true form of communication. Know Your Audience Speak directly to your target audience. Postcard marketing is great because […]


Continuity Programs Introduces – Automated Real Estate Marketing

WALLED LAKE, MI (January 22, 2018) Continuity Programs found the perfect way to celebrate its 45th anniversary – by introducing its newest product, for the real estate industry. This platform offers built-in CRM, real-time reporting, and lead generation. Its easy-to-navigate dashboard is the ideal gateway to automated client follow-up and prospecting programs. “I’m excited […]

Effective Delegation

HVAC Business: 5 Tips for Effective Delegation

When you’re running your HVAC business, it’s important to learn how to properly and effectively delegate so that you’re not a slave to your business. You want to work on your business, not constantly for it. So learning how to delegate is an essential skill to master. Here are a few tips for effective delegation. 1. Hire […]

The Future of Mortgage Lead Generation:

Want a powerful tool that helps you create more lending opportunities by managing activities that lead to more business? MyCRMDashboard from Continuity Programs is much more than a marketing tool. It generates leads, testimonials and three times more repeat business for your lending institution. Mortgage Lead Generating CRM The ideal mortgage lead generation CRM lets you […]

HVAC Customers

How to Keep HVAC Customers for Life [Infographic]

In your HVAC marketing strategy, it’s important to remember that retaining customers is just as essential as bringing in new customers. This is because the lifetime value of an HVAC customer can continue to bring in revenue for your company. Calculating lifetime value is a good idea to help give your business undeniable proof that retaining […]

Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing Scripts: 3 Things to Include

Any successful agent will tell you that hitting the phones or sending prospecting emails is an important part of their real estate marketing strategy. For some, it’s an instinctive part of doing business. For others, it doesn’t come quite so naturally. They’re reluctant to make the call or hit send because they’re not sure what […]

Long-Term Mortgage Marketing Plan

Creating a Long-Term Mortgage Marketing Plan

The best mortgage marketing plans have a multi-layered strategy aimed at finding qualified borrowers. Creating a long-term, layered mortgage marketing plan helps you reach qualified leads and strengthen referral relationships. From learning everything you can about client demands to offering the solutions they need, here are ways to get serious about your organization’s mortgage marketing […]

2018 LeadingRE Conference Week

See You in Vegas for the 2018 LeadingRE Conference Week!

Ready to learn from and connect with some of the hottest names in real estate? Continuity Programs is pleased to announce it will be sponsoring the Awards Gala entertainment at this year’s LeadingRE Annual Conference Week. Bringing together the power of the world’s largest community of independent real estate firms, the renowned professional development event will be held from […]