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WALLED LAKE, MI (January 22, 2018) Continuity Programs found the perfect way to celebrate its 45th anniversary – by introducing its newest product, for the real estate industry. This platform offers built-in CRM, real-time reporting, and lead generation. Its easy-to-navigate dashboard is the ideal gateway to automated client follow-up and prospecting programs.

“I’m excited to announce this launch on our 45th anniversary,” said Kirk King, president of Continuity Programs. “MyLeadDashboard is super-simple for agents, yet its powerful automated marketing is expected to more than double the results of our existing platform.”

MyLeadDashboard enhances and streamlines Continuity’s real estate offerings. Agents get repeat business, referrals and testimonials generated from the personalized marketing campaigns. It will also measure client satisfaction and the company’s net promoter score.

MyLeadDashboard makes it extremely simple for agents, leading to increased productivity. A secure data feed is set up from corporate, which eliminates agent data entry. Agents receive a monthly email detailing their closings and have the ability to opt-out any client from the follow-up program. Print and email touchpoints include personalized URLs designed to generate leads. Agents can easily act on leads right from their cell phone. Agents can also sign up to have their company’s approved Just Listed and Just Sold mailings sent automatically.

The SaaS software is SOC II compliant. It offers custom program design, providing brand protection for users. A unique custom storefront is also included, where approved postcards and other products are set up for agents or admins to order.

Latter & Blum, Inc., and its family of companies, are the first of Continuity’s clients to migrate to the new platform. Latter & Blum is the largest, independently owned real estate company in Louisiana, and ranks among the top 30 real estate companies in the US.

Learn more about MyLeadDashboard and request a demo here:

About Continuity Programs

Continuity Programs, Inc. serves real estate companies with easy-to-use customer relationship management (CRM) software and automated marketing solutions. Since 1973, Continuity Programs’ campaigns have consistently proven to drive referrals and repeat business, generate exclusive leads, and increase client retention for agents across the US.

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  1. The best form of advertising is putting your house in your local MLS. From there it gets propagated to the feeder sites like, Trulia, Zillow and many others, including all agent sites that incorporate MLS feeds into their site by IDX. The best part is that all of that is done automatically. The price of admission is either a negotiated commission with an agent or a flat-fee from a flat-fee listing agent. Your best marketing efforts will be done on the local or community area. You don’t have to know past clients to call them. Ask the agent for a list of houses they’ve sold, then pick a sample of houses that either took a long time to sell or had a large price reduction and then pick a few others that fall in the average. Ask the agent for their contact info and call them. People don’t mind. The best way to evaluate an agent is to compare them to other agents. That’s why I recommend interviewing at least three. For recommended price and improvements, consensus rules. If the building you own is in another city, nothing changes. Everything is available on the Internet. You will have to plan a weekend trip to meet the agents and you’ll definitely want to have them walk the property with you to see their reaction and get their ideas. Study them while they are studying your building. The rest can be done from afar. It just takes a little longer. Best of luck and take your time. You’re making an important decision.

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