4 Tips to Help Achieve Successful Mortgage CRM Adoption

Adopting CRM software is one of the best things your mortgage company can do for itself. However, as sophisticated and effective as today’s CRM softwares have become, the adoption process can still prove troublesome. If you’re on the verge of adopting a new CRM system or want to help your lenders better adjust to your current CRM, then these tips are for you.

Clearly Outline Benefits

If you want to succeed in the mortgage industry, then you have to prioritize the customer experience. Curating a positive experience for your customers is imperative if you hope to grow and expand your company, and thankfully, a quality mortgage CRM can help you achieve that.

Before you officially adopt a new CRM software, make sure you have clearly illustrated the benefits it brings to the table. Your loan officers won’t turn away from a tool that they believe will help them, so take some time to outline the ways a CRM can improve the customer, and the lender, experience.

For example, in addition to allowing you and your lenders to automate and personalize all of your communications with current and prospective clients, implementing a mortgage CRM should also help:

  • Organize information and data
  • Automate daily tasks and marketing campaigns
  • Generate mortgage leads
  • Manage your online reputation
  • Keep your customers for life
  • And more!

Achieve Buy-In

Whenever a company adopts a new software, its success hinges on whether or not the users buy into it. You could provide your loan officers with the most technologically advanced CRM on the market, but if they don’t buy into it as a valuable addition to their toolkit, then they won’t put it to good use.

Illustrating the benefits of a CRM software is a good step toward achieving buy-in, but unless top management of your company supports the software, then the everyday users of the software won’t either. Like SuperOffice says, “Top management drives the opinions and culture in the organization, that’s why their early involvement sends a positive ripple effect through the entire organization.”

Provide Training Opportunities

Providing your mortgage lenders with the proper training is a critical step toward successful CRM adoption. You can’t introduce your team to a brand new piece of technology and expect them to immediately understand how to use it. Always be sure that they have access to some level of training to help them make the best use of their new software.

For example, Customer Think has a few recommendations for training, including:

  • Hands-on sessions or webinars offered at multiple dates and times
  • Brief instructional videos
  • A reference guide or FAQ page
  • Exercises that match situations the end-user will likely encounter

Tie CRM to Business Goals

As a mortgage company, you’re going to want your CRM to provide your loan officers with data they can use to better understand your customers. What do your customers want? When do they want it? Are your loan officers currently meeting your customer’s needs? Whenever you’re introducing a new tool or program into your company’s processes, you’re going to need to ensure that it’s in precise alignment with your business goals and is equipped with the functionalities it’ll need to help you and your loan officers answer these questions.

The better the alignment is between your CRM and business goals, the more empowered your loan officers will be to direct their attention to the people who need it, and ultimately, help your company grow and evolve in meaningful, sustainable ways.