HVAC Maintenance Plan Retention Program

4 Questions to Start Your Spring – The Answers Might Surprise You

February and March.  These can be “bad words” in our industry.  We generally celebrate when either one, or both, of these months are over.  Take this slower time to get ready for a strong spring and summer season.  When April/May hits, it’s probably too late to get started. What would make this spring different than […]

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Win Back Lost HVAC Customers with Direct Marketing

Customer retention is essential to the success of your HVAC business. Not only do repeat customers provide you with a steady stream of revenue, they can give you referrals, testimonials, and positive marks on review sites, all of which can lead to new HVAC customers. Upselling and reselling to your current customers is also more […]

contractor sitting at table with customers getting better HVAC leads

7 Ways to Get Better HVAC Leads

When you’re running an HVAC business, the more leads you can get, the better. Leads are the lifeblood of any contracting organization. But what about the quality of your leads? For example, if you’d prefer commercial contracts but most of the attention you’re getting is from homeowners, your strategy might need some adjusting. If you’ve […]

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5 Tips for Creating a Goal-Driven HVAC Sales Team

HVAC sales professionals face unique challenges in today’s selling environment. Most customers are now accustomed to the typical sales pitch, so they won’t be impressed if your sales team is relying on the old standbys, like one-sided propositions. They can compare dozens, even hundreds of options online before they even reach out to an HVAC […]

Automated Contractor Marketing and Lead Generating System

Learn About How Our Contractor Marketing System Works

As a contractor business, your marketing and sales can work differently from many other types of businesses. That’s why it’s so important to work closely with professional marketing partners who understand how your business structure works and how to generate new leads and customers for your business. At Continuity Programs, we have built an entire marketing […]

Effective Delegation

HVAC Business: 5 Tips for Effective Delegation

When you’re running your HVAC business, it’s important to learn how to properly and effectively delegate so that you’re not a slave to your business. You want to work on your business, not constantly for it. So learning how to delegate is an essential skill to master. Here are a few tips for effective delegation. 1. Hire […]

HVAC Customers

How to Keep HVAC Customers for Life [Infographic]

In your HVAC marketing strategy, it’s important to remember that retaining customers is just as essential as bringing in new customers. This is because the lifetime value of an HVAC customer can continue to bring in revenue for your company. Calculating lifetime value is a good idea to help give your business undeniable proof that retaining […]

HVAC Marketing

HVAC Marketing: Collecting High-Quality Testimonials

One of the best strategies for HVAC marketing is to utilize the good testimonials that your past customers have given you. There’s nothing stronger than the social proof of happy customers to make someone want to work with you. So how do you go about collecting high-quality testimonials to share on your website, on your […]