Continuity Programs Integrates Testimonial Tree

Continuity Programs Announces Integration with Testimonial Tree

Continuity Programs, Inc. is excited to announce a new integration with Testimonial Tree. Continuity Programs’ real estate marketing and mortgage CRM software is now integrated with Testimonial Tree’s online reputation management system. This partnership will benefit real estate agents and loan officers by automatically passing online reviews between the two platforms. Kirk King, President of […]

Web to Print

Personalizing Products Using Web to Print Technology

Technology has improved how companies do business in many ways. It has also raised the expectations of customers. People want convenience, more options, and quality communications with companies. To earn business and keep customers loyal, your company must constantly be looking for ways to improve customer engagement. When you provide a way for customers to […]

Enterprise Marketing Strategy

Three Components of a Successful Enterprise Marketing Strategy

The success of your business relies on you constantly generating new customers and also maintaining an ever-growing database of loyal customers. Achieving that requires an enterprise marketing strategy that always fits with your business plan and can be adapted as the market changes. Be sure these three essential components are part of your marketing strategy. […]

CRM Software

The Context & Content of CRM Software

Customer relationship management is essential for any business to survive and grow. Just a few years ago, it may have been optional. Now, it is imperative that your customer relationship management system provides you with the data your company needs to build long-lasting, loyal relationships with the customers reached by your marketing department. That is […]

small business marketing

Small Business Marketing: To Specialize or Generalize?

Marketing your small business effectively is never going to be easy. The fact is that figuring out whether you want to take a more general approach or a specialized approach to marketing can be extremely difficult. Both options have benefits and drawbacks, and deciding what’s right for your company can be hard. You can change […]

Past customer marketing

Past Customer Marketing Is Your Best Source For New Leads

You are constantly looking for new customers. Be sure you take full advantage of the valuable resource of past customers for new leads. Those customers you spent so much time and effort attracting in the first place have a very strong opinion of your company based on their history with you. By focusing on providing […]

Email List

3 Signs Your Email List Is Stale & How To Fix It

Email is an incredible marketing tool for small business owners. Not only is email cost effective, but it allows you to reach thousands of people at once. If you’ve got a stale email list though, all that marketing won’t do anything. Here’s how to spot and fix a stale email list: 1. Lack of Response If you send […]

Corporate Database Marketing

5 Benefits of Corporate Database Marketing

Corporate database marketing involves collecting, analyzing, and processing your data on both current and potential customers. Companies have been using database marketing for many years. However, you can now leverage social media and innovative marketing strategies to collect more detailed profiles and use this enhanced information to create sophisticated marketing programs that target specific segments. […]

radius marketing

How to Propel Your Small Business With Radius Marketing

Marketing to your existing customers and using marketing to expand is obviously important for any small business. Radius marketing, which targets people around a certain address, could be just what your company needs. Keep reading to learn more about this style of marketing and how it can help you retain your current customers and find […]