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Win Back Lost HVAC Customers with Direct Marketing

Customer retention is essential to the success of your HVAC business. Not only do repeat customers provide you with a steady stream of revenue, they can give you referrals, testimonials, and positive marks on review sites, all of which can lead to new HVAC customers. Upselling and reselling to your current customers is also more […]

4 Essential Database Marketing Techniques

In today’s digital world, a well constructed and maintained customer database is a vital asset for a comprehensive marketing strategy. Your company’s ability to connect your services and products to the needs of current, past, and potential customers helps retention and generates leads. The following are four essential database marketing strategies and techniques to drive your company’s marketing ROI […]

Effective Ways to Follow-Up with Prospects and Clients

Clients are more concerned than ever with hearing from your company after you make a sales pitch or complete a transaction. The most effective customer retention strategies utilize follow-up communication in an eye-catching way. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, employ these effective follow-up strategies to boost business. Be Quick Following-up immediately after your meeting […]

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How to Fix a Flawed Client Relationship

In the course of regular business activities, it’s almost sure to happen: one of your customers has a serious conflict with you and becomes dissatisfied. Here are some ways to mend broken client relationships and bring good customers back. Apologize: Sometimes the simplest solution is to apologize for whatever problem occurred that created the unhappy […]

An Effective Customer Referral Program Uses These Strategies

Your current base of loyal repeat customers will provide a significant portion of your company’s income, but they could also be an important source of new customers. An effective customer referral program will allow you to expand your business with new customers while also improving relationships with existing clients. Here are five ways to make […]


Build Your Customer Base by Earning That “Best of” Distinction in Your Industry

In a competitive business environment, sometimes having a better reputation than your competition is enough to cause customers to choose you over others. Customers want reassurance that they’re getting the best possible products and services for their money. You can build your customer base effectively by showing leads and customers that you’ve been acknowledged by […]

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There’s Always Room for Improvement When It Comes to Customer Experience

One of the main components of success for any company is customer service. Without excellent service, your customers are likely to be dissatisfied enough to seek better products, services and solutions from competitors. Even if you think your company is providing outstanding customer service, it could be possible that the process has broken down somewhere within […]

How to Maximize Customer Retention So Your Marketing Efforts Don’t Go to Waste

Conventional wisdom is that it costs substantially more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep a customer you already have. Effective customer retention requires careful attention, not only to larger issues of product quality, pricing and customer service, but to smaller and more subtle factors that can erode client confidence and inspire […]

What Is One HVAC Customer Worth?

Is It Cheaper to Keep Your HVAC Customers Than Find New Ones? When it comes to heating, ventilation and air conditioning services, keeping the customers you have can be the mainstay of your business. You not only gain the value of handling their HVAC needs on a regular basis, but you can earn referrals to […]

Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Go Hand-In-Hand

Once you’ve acquired a pool of customers, you can’t assume they’ll stick with you and return to purchase again and again. The relationship between your company and your customers must be nurtured and cultivated over time, which will translate into more sales and better customer retention. Customer relationship management helps keep your existing customers happy and […]