How to Make Your Customers Come Back for More

A steady stream of new customers is vital to your business, but don’t lose track of the customers you already have in the search for new ones. A loyal and satisfied base of repeat customers will ultimately be more valuable than even a large number of one-and-gone buyers. Here are some effective ways to build […]

Announcement – Online Client Satisfaction Surveys for Real Estate Now Available

A new system of online client satisfaction surveys for real estate will help Continuity Programs better serve its client base of real estate professionals. Established as part of the company’s Connections client follow-up system, the online client satisfaction surveys will give real estate professionals the opportunity to uncover important information about their interactions with clients and their […]

Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Go Hand-In-Hand

Once you’ve acquired a pool of customers, you can’t assume they’ll stick with you and return to purchase again and again. The relationship between your company and your customers must be nurtured and cultivated over time, which will translate into more sales and better customer retention. Customer relationship management helps keep your existing customers happy and […]

A Deeper Look at Relationship Marketing — 3 Tips for Making the Connection Count

Finding out information about your customers is much easier today because of the proliferation of social media platforms—a LinkedIn profile or series of tweets on Twitter, for example, can be very informative. In the best type of relationship marketing, the information you gather on your customers should come from more direct sources.

ceos and social media

CEOs Using Social Media Make an Impact – 7 Practical Tips for Success

Social media comprises a major component of the communications used to establish and maintain your company’s overall reputation and presence. CEOs and social media are a logical combination for companies that want to forge meaningful connections with customers while sustaining an edge over competitors.