2018 LeadingRE Conference Week

See You in Vegas for the 2018 LeadingRE Conference Week!

Ready to learn from and connect with some of the hottest names in real estate? Continuity Programs is pleased to announce it will be sponsoring the Awards Gala entertainment at this year’s LeadingRE Annual Conference Week. Bringing together the power of the world’s largest community of independent real estate firms, the renowned professional development event will be held from […]

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Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Why You Should Be Working With and Following-up With Renters

Marketing to renters has traditionally been used to attract first-time buyers. But in today’s market, many renters are not first-time buyers at all. For instance, renters are often in transition – changing jobs, between homes, or going through a divorce. Marketing to this diverse group can sustain your business for years to come. Real Estate […]

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Monthly Real Estate Mailers

How to Use Monthly Real Estate Mailers

Mailers are a tried-and-true marketing strategy for Realtors. They’re designed to build awareness and are most effective when done over time. Did you know that the direct mail household response rate of 5.1% is far higher than email (.6%), paid search (.6%), online ads (.2%), and social media (.4%) combined? Monthly Mailings Get Results Studies have […]

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Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing: 5 Tips for Boosting Repeat Business

Every Realtor needs to ask themselves “How do I get former clients to work with me again?” While technology makes it easier than ever to stay in touch, it’s the carefully nurtured personal connection that keeps people coming back. Try these tips for staying top of mind when your past clients decide to sell or […]

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real estate listings

How to Get Your Listings Priced Right Against the Seller’s Top Objections

Do you find yourself scrambling for words when faced with a seller’s objections over your real estate listings advice? It’s not an uncommon reaction and it helps to remember that a seller views a home as one of his or her most valuable assets. Emotionally, they will almost always believe it’s worth more than the market […]

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Direct Mail Campaign

Revamping Your Real Estate Direct Mail Campaign: 3 Tips

Traditional direct mail campaigns have changed dramatically, but some businesses have been slower to adapt than others. Direct mail still leads in ROI, so if your real estate marketing campaigns aren’t delivering the return you’re looking for, it may be time for an overhaul. Revamp Your Real Estate Marketing Campaigns Studies show that 66 percent of […]

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Real Estate Marketing Tips

3 Bulletproof Real Estate Marketing Tips

The good news for real estate owners, investors, and agents is that there’s no shortage of potential ways to market real estate. You know it takes time to position yourself in front of the right audience, but if your current real estate marketing efforts aren’t performing as well as you’d like, there are steps you […]

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Real Estate Marketing Flyers

Increasing the Value of Real Estate Marketing Flyers

Real estate marketing flyers can be a cost-effective marketing tool for generating leads. Are yours producing the results you’re looking for, or falling short of expectations? There are simple changes and improvements you can make that will increase their value to your overall marketing goals. Real Estate Marketing Flyers That Deliver Try these often-overlooked tweaks […]

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Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing Techniques For Getting Referrals

Referrals are a powerful tool for real estate agents and how they get most of their business. To win those referrals, you need to be the first agent clients, prospects, and other people think of when they – or someone they know – needs your real estate expertise. Are you getting all the referrals you […]

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Real Estate Marketing Emails

Real Estate Marketing: Adding a Personal Touch to Emails

With all the focus on digital marketing strategies, it can be easy to forget that the personal touch still greatly matters. Studies consistently show that email is the number one go-to channel for marketers, but email campaigns have changed over the past several years. What worked just five years ago is no longer effective in […]

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