3 Reasons for Agents to Send out Just Listed Postcards

After giving yourself a well-deserved pat on the back for securing your latest listing, the next step should be to immediately send out your “Just Listed” postcards. Some agents question if they’re still worth the trouble of sending, and the answer is a resounding yes! Just Listed postcards are an effective and economical way to […]

Creating a Real Estate Client Follow Up System That Works

As a real estate professional, you already know the importance of what might be called the revenue trifecta: repeat customers, referrals, and new business leads. The good news is that your clients are standing ready to help you succeed: the majority of home buyers and sellers already report a high degree of satisfaction with their […]

Infographic Unveils Rules for Client Retention

At Continuity Programs, we keep our fingers on the pulse of marketing in several industries. When it comes to real estate, we’ve discovered some intriguing statistics about client retention. Did you know that a 10 percent increase in your client retention rate yields a 30 percent rise in the value of your company?

Pros and Cons of Investment Properties

You are wise to consider all investments carefully. Though economists quoted in Money say rental properties today constitute “the “opportunity of a generation,” it’s a long-term investment. They also say buying real estate and holding it creates wealth and that most millionaires achieved that standing through real estate. Here are a few factors to consider […]