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Continuity Programs can customize any type of marketing solution to fit your remodeling, roofing, landscaping, plumbing, HVAC, painting, or electrical business!

There is nothing better to promote your home improvement business than a job well done. Serve your clients well, and they’ll tell all their neighbors and their friends. Depending on the scale, your work may even speak for itself – outdoor landscaping and major additions are hard to miss.

But even the best work needs help to reach its full lead generation potential. You need to reach out to the people who will see the addition. You need to contact the people who have heard your clients praise you. And Continuity Programs makes it easy to do all that without losing focus on what’s really important: quality work and quality client service.

Continuity Programs has been in the customer retention and lead generating business since 1973, and started providing marketing solutions to Contractors in 2002. Effective marketing and time management is essential for Contractors in today’s world. All of our Contractor marketing programs are 100% turn-key, which is what differentiates Continuity Programs from the other Contractor marketing companies out there. Continuity Programs’ goal is to help you grow your business.

Check out our specific Contractor marketing solutions to generate leads and get referrals, up sell and cross sell, and acquire new customers. Continuity Programs’ Contractor marketing solutions are designed to generate leads for new remodeling projects and grow your home repair/service business.