Good HVAC Marketing Never Stops!

August 2012 Issue

You’re busy now, but good HVAC marketing never stops!

Summertime is go, go, go time for HVAC companies – especially during a scorcher like this one has been in many parts of the country. If you’re a cooling and heating contractor, your phone lines are likely lighting up as customers seek higher-efficiency equipment, A/C tune-ups and system repairs.

While the rush may be welcome, the most successful contractors don’t rely on extreme weather – whether it’s a heat wave or a cold snap – for periodic floods of business. Instead, they work year-round to nurture customer relationships, building referrals and fostering loyalty to generate repeat business. Don’t let Mother Nature dictate your marketing strategy: Your messages – delivered via traditional mail, email and social media – should be fed and watered year-round to cultivate your company’s name recognition over the long term.

A sale to an existing customer is easier and more profitable than a sale to a brand new customer. But when you ignore your customers – no matter how busy you are now – you risk losing them to a more attentive competitor. Smart ways to keep the conversation going:

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

When customers know their opinions – good or bad – are valued, it builds trust. And, done right, satisfaction surveys also generate leads and referrals while collecting invaluable customer feedback for you. Follow each sale or service call with a survey designed to garner information you can use to improve your business. Click here to view a sample HVAC survey.

Personalized Mailings

Thank you cards, birthday cards, holiday and other greeting cards – among marketing materials, are the ones customers tend to open most. Sending a birthday card to your maintenance agreement customers is an investment that pays big dividends. They keep your company in front of your customers’ eyes – and let them know you haven’t forgotten about them. Include a postage-paid response card that showcases your complete line of comfort solutions designed to educate and cross-sell. Click here to view the most powerful HVAC customer retention & lead generating program available.

Run Seasonal Promotions

Promote special prices for seasonal tune-ups targeting your no-maintenance agreement customers. Click here to view a sample lead generating mailer.

Social Media/Blogs

Customers look online first for information about a product or service. HVAC contractors need to meet them there, starting by creating blogs updated with homeowner-friendly advice and creating Facebook pages for their businesses as well as Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. The messages you send via social media don’t have to be intense or long. If anything, you are showing your approachability through social media, so a funny photo or holiday greeting is as welcome to customers as a good piece of advice.

Email Marketing

Use your database of customer email addresses to issue regular updates from your business. Your email materials should make it easy for customers to reply directly to you, whether it’s to request service or make a referral. Offer useful information and professional advice, positioning your company as a trusted resource.

To start building your HVAC marketing strategy, or simply learn more, please feel free to contact Continuity Programs anytime.