Our 5 Most Popular Real Estate Marketing Programs Are Now Available Online!

Our new Real Estate Marketing page features these five popular programs that you can now buy online:

  • Connections Program. The five-year version of our flagship Connections Program is a turn-key system that helps you stay in touch with your clients. It combines up-front response for closed transactions with ongoing greeting cards and letters. At the same time, it also includes an e-mail component to let you touch your clients more often. Connections isn’t only designed to increase the likelihood that you get repeat business, it also helps to remind your clients to refer you to their friends and family. The program generates new leads for you throughout its five-year span.
  • ReConnect Program. This three-year program helps you rebuild relationships with customers that you have closed with in the past but haven’t been in contact with for at least six months. It uses personalized direct mail marketing to not only rebuild your name recognition but to also provide your clients with an opportunity to communicate back with you and let you know both about their future plans and the referrals of their friends and family.
  • Rental Program. Helping people find places to rent is a part of the modern real estate business and our Rental Program helps you stay in touch with them. That way, when they’re ready to buy, they come back to you.
  • SurroundMail. This radius marketing program helps you with your prospecting. It blankets the area around your listings and closings to let area homeowners know about your expertise and readiness to help. SurroundMail campaigns include either postcards or tri-fold mailers with postage-paid response cards that let recipients send you leads quickly and easily.
  • Appreciation & Satisfaction Program. The smallest follow-up program on our menu. Our client appreciation and satisfaction packages include thank you cards, e-mail, and satisfaction surveys. This package helps to extend the positive experience of the closing by letting the client know that you care about their experience and is designed to generate testimonials and honest feedback for you.

The programs on our website are just a small selection of the many real estate marketing programs we can design and implement for your company. If you’d like to learn more about the programs we offer – both online and off-line – call us at 800-521-0026, or contact us through our website. For online sign-up and ordering of the above-mentioned programs, click here!