Additional Services

Digital Print Marketing

Continuity Programs’ facility and equipment are capable of the latest and greatest in variable, digital, and on-demand printing. Full variable printing allows different customization for different markets segments, as well as changing text and images for each individual recipient. Continuity Programs’ high quality, full color, digital print marketing mailings look and feel like they were printed at a conventional offset printer.

Targeted and highly customized direct mail marketing has a much higher return rate than normal mass production. Continuity Programs variable print technology will increase your Return On Investment by delivering your relevant content to your target markets.

On demand printing allows Continuity Programs to have a quick turnaround time on high volume, fully customized marketing campaigns utilizing variable data printing. Continuity Programs also offers graphic design services. Let us design, print and fulfill your direct marketing campaigns!

Additions to make your program even stronger

Continuity Programs offers a variety of solutions that can be used in concert with our programs to drive even better results. Explore what we have available for you and see how each of these can benefit your company and improve your return on investment.

Birthday Cards

Birthday CardsAdd birthday cards to your Connections Program for a very special added touch. We hand-sign the card as well as hand-address the envelope, ensuring the card gets opened every time. The designs rotate every month so your customer will receive a different birthday card from you each year.

Sending A Thank You Card Can Go A Long Way

Thank You Card

  • According to the Greeting Card Association, greeting cards create a lasting impression and emotional bond between the sender and receiver.
  • Greeting cards have a 99% open rate and people love to put them on display.

Continuity Programs offers a low cost Thank You Card customer retention marketing program that is designed to generate leads, get referrals, and up sell and cross sell your products and services. Sending automatic Thank You Cards to your customers can go a long way in establishing a personal relationship. Thank You Cards are highly personalized and provide valuable two-way communication between you and your customers with an attached postage-paid Customer Response Card.

Continuity Programs offers a library of Greeting Card styles to choose from.

Add a Customer Satisfaction Survey to your Thank You Card Program for customer feedback and to measure performance. Visit our Customer Satisfaction Survey Programs page for details on all the benefits.

Plastic Cards For Businesses

  • Loyalty Plastic Cards
  • Plastic Card Printing with Variable Data
  • Custom Designed
  • Membership Cards
  • Plastic Key Fobs

Continuity Programs custom designs and produces plastic cards for businesses. The plastic cards can be thermal printed with variable data and used as part of a customer loyalty program, membership program, or one-time mailing to your customer database.