Cross-Media Marketing Programs

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Continuity Programs’ Cross Media Marketing Programs Provide The Best Return On Investment

  • A combination of traditional marketing channels gives greater response rates
  • Continuity Programs’ Customer Satisfaction Surveys typically generate a better than 25% average response rate!
  • Responses and leads generated typically provide a better than 10-to-1 average return on investment!
  • Interact with your audience via a powerful mix of e-mail marketing campaigns and mail programs designed to generate leads
  • Start a two-way conversation with your customers and watch your pipeline grow

Continuity Programs provides the most powerful customer retention and lead generation program available, ConnectionsTM. The Connections Program combines digital print marketing mail programs with an integrated e-mail marketing campaign designed to provide the best return on investment. A unique and creative mix of personalized marketing mailings and E-Cards are enhanced by a series of E-Alerts, all of which are sent out on your behalf. All mailings include a postage-paid business reply card designed to generate leads, cross sell and up sell, and get referrals. All E-Cards include an online response form designed to generate leads, cross sell and up sell, and get referrals. Customers can respond to you through the E-Alerts. All relevant responses are tracked and forwarded to you.

Continuity Programs has the technology and flexibility to customize a cross-media marketing program for any company in any industry.

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