SurroundMail Radius Mailings

SurroundMail Program

The SurroundMailTM and SurroundMail PlusTM Prospecting Programs

Did you know that it takes 7 to 12 impressions before a prospect will buy from you?

SURROUNDMAILTM is an efficient and effective way to market your services to potential customers living in the surrounding area of your recent customer.

The program consists of giant size, high quality, full color mailers sent to the surrounding neighbors of your customer. The program allows you to tap into a rich market of new business.

  • People who live in the same neighborhood typically have similar buying patterns and income levels.
  • Neighborhoods tend to have homes of similar age and needs.
  • Your recent customers have probably been talking to their neighbors about your service.

Program Benefits

  • Keeps your services top of mind with prospective customers
  • Builds your brand in your target areas
  • Custom design of postcards and mailers is available by our designers
  • Strengthens the relationship and loyalty between you and your referral partners
  • Offers partner cobranding opportunities

The minimum quantity of SurroundMail or SurroundMail Plus mailings is 25 per order. However, sending 50 or more consistently has proven to result in a higher response rate for many companies.