Tracking and Measuring

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Comprehensive Customer Tracking and Reporting of Marketing Campaign Results

Continuity Programs’ customer retention marketing solutions include customer tracking and business analysis reports to measure performance and customer feedback. The cutting-edge customer tracking reports are available through our powerful online database management system, EMPOWER. The customer tracking reports allow you to manage and follow-up with your customers with ease and efficiency.

Tracking Customers Through Consistent Two-Way Communication

  • Customers respond to your customer retention program marketing mailings and/or e-mails with their specific area of interest and indicate the time frame for when they will need your services again.
  • Each customer response (lead generated) from your e-mail marketing campaign or mail program is uploaded into our customer tracking system before it is forwarded directly to you.
  • Urgent leads generated from customers with an immediate need, and friend/family referrals, are e-mailed to you daily.
  • Leads generated from customers with a need in the future are e-mailed to you monthly, and a second reminder is e-mailed to you when the time frame is approaching.
  • You have 24/7 online access to the customer tracking system with the ability to view each customer’s mail program or e-mail campaign schedule, which items they have responded to, and what their needs are.

Measure Performance Through Customer Feedback and Business Analysis Reports

Continuity Programs provides Management Summary Reports based on customer feedback from the customer retention marketing campaign. This business analysis report provides you with an overview of how your customers perceive your salespeople and company allowing you to measure customer satisfaction. The Customer Satisfaction Survey Analysis section allows you to measure performance by ranking your different branches/locations and salespeople and comparing your company’s customer satisfaction rating to national ratings. The Management Summary Report illustrates with charts and graphs why your customers chose you, what percentage of your customers have previously done business with you, overall customer satisfaction, and likelihood that your customers would recommend you to their friends and family.

The Management Summary Report also includes an overview of statistics for you to analyze the effectiveness of your customer retention and lead generating program. Enrollment and response history details are shown by month as well as response rates and categories of interest for the leads generated during a specific time period.

  • Continuity Programs’ Customer Satisfaction Surveys receive a 25% average response rate!
  • All responses and leads generated provide a 10-to-1 average return on investment!