Up Sell and Cross Sell

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Cross Sell and Up Sell to Increase Sales to Existing Customers

  • Immediate revenue growth potential is greatest through existing customer relationships.
  • Are your customers an untapped asset for growth?
  • Go after your “lowest hanging fruit” through cross selling, up selling and product penetration.
  • Your customers may be going to your competition for products and services simply because you have not asked them for that business, or they are unaware of all that you have to offer.
  • An effective up selling and cross selling system will lead to greater customer loyalty, profitability, and an enhanced revenue stream from existing customers.

Continuity Programs’ customer retention and lead generating marketing solutions are designed to effectively up sell and cross sell your products and services to your existing customers. All mail programs and e-mail marketing campaigns are highly customizable to showcase your specific product and service portfolios. Messages to your customers are completely personalized; we will deliver your specific offer at the right time. All mailings include a postage-paid business reply card designed to generate leads, cross sell and up sell, and get referrals. All E-Cards include an online response form designed to generate leads, cross sell and up sell, and get referrals. Leads generated are sent directly to you with specific details on the products requested – and all you have to do is follow-up.

Continuity Programs designs custom target marketing mailers, postcards, greeting cards and much more to promote product/service specials, announce a new product offering or deliver any message to your customer database for purposes of cross selling and up selling. Your target market marketing campaigns can be set up for multiple, systematically scheduled touch points over a period of time, or we can do one-time, event-based marketing mailings.