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“I just could not be any happier with the mortgage CRM software
and the response time on Continuity Programs’ behalf. We just
got a bunch of surveys back and they’re all really favorable.
Also, we’ve received online response forms back with
requests for additional products from our clients. Rock on,
fabulous program! Thanks for all the support!”

– Steve Dobin, Anchor Bank

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The residential mortgage CRM software that generates leads, testimonials & repeat business.

  • LOS/API integrationLOS/API integration
  • SOC compliant data centerSOC compliant data center
  • Increase internal efficiencyIncrease internal efficiency
  • Easiest level of effort required by loan officersEasiest level of effort required by loan officers
  • Painless to switch or implement... we do all the heavy liftingPainless to implement… we do all the heavy lifting


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Meet the simplest residential mortgage CRM software. Gain the key to growing your mortgage business. Drive more services per household with MyCRMDashboard.

It’s fully integrated with the most powerful mortgage marketing campaigns and allows you to follow-up with contacts effortlessly.

The easy-to-use mortgage CRM helps you save time and money with automated campaigns. It also generates mortgage leads, referrals, and testimonials for loan officers. You will realize three times more repeat business and 5+% more referrals. Most importantly, you’ll retain customers for life, while measuring and monitoring customer satisfaction.

Great User Experience

Rising Star 2018 Award

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Generate Exclusive Mortgage Leads – Automatically

This is where it all comes together. This intuitive, cloud-based mortgage CRM allows each Loan Officer to keep track of his or her database and automatically generated leads. Activities are easily recorded and follow-up activities can be scheduled instantly, so you’ll never miss another potential lead. Integrated online storefronts allow you to increase internal efficiency while ensuring corporate-approved, compliant media.

MyCRMDashboard Mortgage CRM Contacts Screen
MyCRMDashboard Mortgage CRM Dashboard Screen
MyCRMDashboard Mortgage CRM Interest Rate Triggers & Search Screen
MyCRMDashboard Mortgage CRM Hot Leads Screen

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Automated Email Campaigns For Prospects, Referral Partners
& Customers

Dramatically increase repeat business, referrals and
cross-sell opportunities with personalized emails that are
automatically sent on your behalf. Your contacts can reply
directly to you or click their personalized URL and fill out
the convenient online response form.

Mortgage Milestone Marketing, Personalized eMails, eCards, eNewsletters


Personalized URLs (PURLs)

Lead Notifications Delivered To Your Inbox

Give your contacts an easy way to let you know when they have
mortgage questions or know someone who is in the market.

Mortgage Lead Generation Personalized URLs (PURLs)


Appreciation & Satisfaction™

Electronic Thank You Card & Survey

Personally thank your customers and ask for their opinion
after the closing. The third-party surveys generate honest
feedback along with a steady stream of referrals and
testimonials. Your happy customers can easily share their
testimonials on social media.

Mortgage Marketing Appreciation & Satisfaction Program


Executive Reporting

Get The KPIs You Need To Evaluate Your Team & Your Campaigns

Monthly reporting broken down at the corporate, branch
and loan officer level
Key performance indicators
Response results
Contacts snapshot

Mortgage CRM Executive Reporting


Custom Branded Online Storefronts

Private Corporate Identity Platforms

Corporate-approved business & marketing media
Easy-to-order print, direct mail, & email
Protect your brand
Increase internal efficiency

Mortgage Company Storefront


Connections™ Program

Stay Connected with Mortgage Customers

Make the most of your database with an automated system that combines e-mail and direct mail marketing for constant, meaningful customer engagement. You’ll always be on the mind of your customers.

Stay Connected With Mortgage Customers

3-Year Program – 36 Touch Points: 2 Thank You Cards, 2 Surveys, 10 Emails, 3 eCards, 3 Email Videos, 6 eNewsletters, 6 Letters, 4 Birthday Cards

5-Year Program – 59 Touch Points: 2 Thank You Cards, 3 Surveys, 16 Emails, 5 eCards, 5 Email Videos, 10 eNewsletters, 10 Letters, 8 Birthday Cards

7-Year Program – 82 Touch Points: 2 Thank You Cards, 4 Surveys, 15 Emails, 7 eCards, 7 Email Videos, 14 eNewsletters, 13 Letters, 12 Birthday Cards


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