Franklin Title Agency

Franklin Title Agency

Franklin Title Agency – Committed to Keeping Michigan Strong!

“A traditional business using state-of-the-art technology”

•We make your job easier using internet solutions: Online ordering, tracking, and scheduling along with recording.

•Experienced professionals are available to answer your title questions, either through this website, by phone, or by email.

•Quick, reliable, automated responses give you the ability to track your customers.

•Website posted commitments guarantee that you will know the minute your order is ready.

•Website scheduling saves you time responding to your customers closing requests.

•HUD-1 review via the website ensures that you will see your statements in an expedited manner including prelim HUD-1’s

•As an agent for First American Title, we represent one of the largest title insurance agencies in the United States.

•We consider ourselves your partner in the closing process and strive to handle your transaction in a professional, efficient, and convenient manner. We close literally anywhere – anytime in Michigan with set flat fees!