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Title Companies Create Value For Real Estate Agents And Loan Officers

Title Companies – Title Companies want to do more than close loans fast, they want loyal real estate agents and loan officers. One of the biggest obstacles we have heard about in 40 years from agents and loan officers is, “I know I need Continuity Programs, but I do not have time to send in my clients’ information.” Title companies have the information and can provide this service with virtually no additional effort. Sign up as a partner with Continuity Programs, provide valuable marketing systems to your loyal referral partners, and send us the data directly. In many states, the title companies can cover the minimal costs, and in other states by dual branding can cover half the cost. Promote your own title company and your loyal partners. Even if your state will not allow you to help financially, transfer the data for those top producers and help them remember who does more than just close loans fast. Contact our corporate office or fill out the Request Information form to discuss a possible win-win partnership!

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