Unlocking the Potential of Your Client Database with Automated Real Estate Marketing

Managing, overseeing, and staying in touch with your audience of contacts and customers is rarely easy. With so much data to interpret and expectations to meet, it’s not uncommon for companies of all sizes to experience some degree of strain as they try and keep up with their customer’s needs. This is where automated marketing […]

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Bank Marketing: Best Practices for Automation Through Your Mortgage CRM

Financial, mortgage, and bank marketing are increasingly challenging in today’s demanding environment. The mortgage lending market, once the sole purview of banks, is rapidly being taken over by nonbank lenders and other nontraditional players. During 2016, the share of first-lien, owner-occupied purchase mortgages made by nonbank mortgage companies rose from 50% to 53%, according to […]

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Automated Marketing

Examples of Automated Marketing Programs that Retain Customers & Generate Leads

The technology is readily available to automate many marketing tasks, such as emails, posts to social media, and content updates on your website. It is important that you fully understand the capabilities of any automated marketing program you choose. Ideally, it helps you maintain individualized contact with your existing customers while connecting with potential customers […]

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