Your Customer Database Is Gold

Your Customer Database Is Gold! The Fortune Is in the Follow-up

Gold was originally discovered by humans around 5000 B.C. and is so valued that most of the gold mined since that time is still in circulation. The word is commonly used to describe anything cherished, beneficial, rare and difficult to obtain. It is a good way to view your customer database. Extracting gold from the earth […]

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Turnkey Marketing Programs

Drive Sales with Turnkey Marketing Programs That Don’t Feel “Cookie-Cutter”

Turnkey marketing programs give you the advantage of speed in your marketing efforts. They can be implemented quickly, giving you almost immediate access to features such as prospect and customer segmentation, print media, and email marketing. When applying turnkey marketing programs, you must carefully balance speed and ease of implementation with the need to differentiate your […]

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customer retention

Customer Retention for 2014

Acquiring new customers is likely to be a common goal for companies and marketers in 2014. It’s certainly true that a steady influx of clients is important to sustaining a business. However, any company can gain new customers, generate more sales, and improve profits by focusing on existing customers with well-crafted customer retention programs. Why Focus on […]

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