developing customer surveys

5 Important Pointers for Developing Client Surveys

Communicating regularly with your customers gives you the chance to find out what you’re doing right and wrong directly from the persons most affected by your actions. Developing client surveys that make the best use of this opportunity to communicate with your customers will let you ask the important questions that can help you refine your business […]

customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Tips: How to Understand What Customers Want

Serving your customers and keeping them satisfied is vital to the continued existence of your business. Yet maintaining happy customers and anticipating what they want seems as difficult as ever. Customer satisfaction doesn’t require magic or the ability to predict the future; it simply requires the ability to see your business and the benefits of your offerings […]

losing clients

Keeping Clients Is Every Firms’ Goal, but What Do You Do When a Client Leaves?

Keeping clients is the goal of every company. However, the business world can be unstable, and despite all of the best efforts of a company’s management and staff, clients can leave the industry, go out of business or choose to go to one of your competitors. Here are some suggestions on how to prepare for and […]

corporate branding strategies

4 Corporate Branding Strategies — Which One’s Most Likely to Hit Your Demographic?

In today’s vast international market, focusing attention on your company, products and services becomes more difficult as similar offerings emerge from competing companies. The following are four corporate branding strategies that have been proven effective in specific demographic segments.