Customer Satisfaction Surveys

What Customer Satisfaction Surveys Tell You About Your Business

Satisfied customers are less likely to consider doing business with your competitors. They look forward to working with you. Customers who have one bad experience with a business are unlikely to give that business a second chance and will almost always seek an alternative source for needed goods or services. Anytime you fail to meet […]

customer retention

Essential Customer Retention Advice for Small Business Owners

Attracting new customers is an important part of maintaining your company, but repeat customers are the key to long-term business success and profitability. Apply the following concepts and techniques to your customer retention strategy and you’ll see more familiar faces coming back for repeat purchases. Establish a customer retention program: Industry experts estimate it costs […]

How to Make Your Customers Come Back for More

A steady stream of new customers is vital to your business, but don’t lose track of the customers you already have in the search for new ones. A loyal and satisfied base of repeat customers will ultimately be more valuable than even a large number of one-and-gone buyers. Here are some effective ways to build […]

customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Tips: How to Understand What Customers Want

Serving your customers and keeping them satisfied is vital to the continued existence of your business. Yet maintaining happy customers and anticipating what they want seems as difficult as ever. Customer satisfaction doesn’t require magic or the ability to predict the future; it simply requires the ability to see your business and the benefits of your offerings […]

strategies for keeping customers

Keeping Customers Is Key — and Doable With These Strategies

When you’re growing a business, especially when you’re on a limited budget, keeping customers is more than half the battle. In fact, studies suggest keeping an existing customer costs around seven to 10 times less than winning over a new one. These practical strategies will help you build a loyal customer base on any budget.