Growing Your Business by Increasing Customer Referrals

Growing and expanding your business is likely one of your top priorities. Advertising, marketing, promotions — all of these are effective ways to get the word out and increase your customer base. One of the simpler and easier techniques for boosting your business is to increase the number of new customers who are introduced to […]

4 Effective Upselling Tips for Enhancing the Client’s Experience

Upselling is a proven technique for improving the customer’s experience while at the same time boosting company profits. Successful upselling often consists of little more than asking customers if they’d prefer a larger amount of a product (for example, a large cup of coffee rather than a medium) for a better price. However, upselling also […]

client loyalty

Inspire Client Loyalty With 5 Simple Steps Your Firm Can Implement Now

The client acquisition process requires a considerable investment of resources. Once you have a customer, it costs much less to maintain that individual than it does to find, convince and convert a new customer. Maintaining client loyalty requires its own particular type of investment and must be cultivated and supported throughout your organization to be […]