How to Prosper With Database Marketing

Modern marketing requires that you know as much about your customers and prospects as possible. This ensures that you will be able to respond to your customers’ actual needs and send marketing messages that are most likely to be of interest to the people who can buy from you. Database marketing provides a method of gathering and […]

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Building Brand Loyalty

Building Brand Loyalty Involves a Personalized Approach to Client Contact

Maintaining a steady stream of new customers is important to your business, but in the rush to find new clients, don’t overlook the customers you already have. Here are some effective ways to make a personal contact with your existing customers and build brand loyalty that keeps them coming back.

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database marketing

Continuity with Your Customers Part 1: Introduction to Database Marketing

A new online resource has been published to help businesses focus their database marketing efforts for greater efficiency and success. “Continuity with Your Customers Part 1: Introduction to Database Marketing” provides a comprehensive primer on database marketing and what it can do to help your company succeed in a challenging, ever-evolving marketplace.

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