Past-Client Marketing: Jump-Starting Your Strategy Online And Offline

Put past-client marketing into your strategy with an email and print marketing campaign. Supplementing your printed communications with email is a low-cost way to reactivate or re-market to people who have done business with you in the past but, for what could be a variety of reasons, are no longer active customers. 

Sales Agent Marketing Tools That Unify Your Strategic Goals

Do you need a better marketing strategy — one that will unify your entire team to meet your business goals? Your sales agents are the primary representatives of your business, those whom prospective customers see first. Why not give them the tools they need to generate leads and increase customer retention with a proven program?

Does Your Customer Loyalty Program Fit These 3 Benchmarks?

It’s not enough to be content with the way things are and expect customer loyalty to grow simply from getting a new sale. You can increase growth from customers who buy from you by implementing an energetic customer loyalty program that proactively generates leads and turns one-time customers into valuable repeat customers over time.