The Importance of Marketing ROI and How to Measure Program Success

The amount of money and resources spent on marketing represents a significant portion of most companies’ annual operating budgets. To be certain that you’re getting the best return on investment (ROI), it’s necessary to measure marketing ROI in terms that allow you to evaluate where your marketing expenses are producing the best and most profitable results.

backside marketing

Need Backside Marketing? Make The Most Of Your Space

Printed direct mail marketing is an effective way to provide information to a prospect or customer while promoting your business at the same time. The primary message is displayed on the front of the material, and an additional marketing message is included on the back. You’re already paying for printing and mailing, why not make use […]

marketing program provider

How To Find The Right Marketing Program Provider – One Your Employees Will Get Excited About

When employees feel personally invested in your company, including its mission and marketing program, it can make for a more satisfying, productive experience. But it’s not easy getting your employees revved up. Engaging them in choosing the right marketing program provider from the beginning can make the difference between a program that thrives, and one […]