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Does Your Business Understand Relationship Marketing?

Does Your Business Understand Relationship Marketing? It’s estimated that, for the average company, less than 20 percent of their customers will return for another sale. Customer retention can be tricky, and a lot of organizations don’t do it right. So how do you keep customers around, and even get them to tell their friends about […]

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Metrics that Help You Measure Your Inbound Marketing Success

Inbound marketing offers companies dozens of ways to assess whether or not a campaign is working. Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish with your inbound marketing techniques, you could measure success by the number of new addresses gathered, the number of Facebook followers, or the number of downloads of your content. In the context […]

How to Make Your Customers Come Back for More

A steady stream of new customers is vital to your business, but don’t lose track of the customers you already have in the search for new ones. A loyal and satisfied base of repeat customers will ultimately be more valuable than even a large number of one-and-gone buyers. Here are some effective ways to build […]

The Importance of Marketing ROI and How to Measure Program Success

The amount of money and resources spent on marketing represents a significant portion of most companies’ annual operating budgets. To be certain that you’re getting the best return on investment (ROI), it’s necessary to measure marketing ROI in terms that allow you to evaluate where your marketing expenses are producing the best and most profitable results.

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Creating a Marketing Message With True Substance and Differentiation

Successful marketing requires more than just establishing the aesthetic look and feel of your products or company. The best designed and presented marketing materials won’t be effective without a solid, credible and convincing message behind them. Here are some ways of creating a marketing message that will get your point across quickly and show prospective customers […]

Cross Selling Strategies That Truly Generate Profitable Results

Effectively applied cross selling strategies let you improve your customers’ experience while also increasing overall revenue and profits. When you cross sell, you’re providing added value and more solutions with additional products and services that complement what they’ve already purchased. Here are some effective cross selling strategies that will benefit your bottom line while helping your […]

Repeat Customer Marketing: Growing Your Existing Book of Business

Study after study has shown that it costs more for a business to attract new customers than to retain existing ones. Low estimates suggest it’s four times more costly to get a new customer than keep an old one, while higher estimates put the cost at 30 times or higher. A well-planned and executed program […]

Branding Your Firm Through Compelling Experiential Marketing

Techniques for branding your firm take many forms, but one that’s gaining more attention among marketers is experiential marketing. This type of marketing focuses not just on your products and services, but on creating an experience that draws in your customers and engages them physically, intellectually or emotionally. Here are some ways you can use experiential […]