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Create Stronger Ties With Your Customers With These Tips

A good business/customer relationship means you’ve competently provided what they want or need. They are pleased with the transaction and are likely to come back for your products and services again. Here are some useful ways to create stronger ties with your customers and ensure both you and they get the maximum benefit from your interaction.

Drip Marketing vs. Lead Nurturing: Do You Know the Difference Between These Strategies?

Customer acquisition is traditionally a lengthy process that requires long-term dedication to finding, educating and convincing individuals who will purchase your products or services. Two common techniques in this category are drip marketing and lead nurturing. Both are long-term techniques that must unfold over time, and both require numerous contacts with potential customers. However, there […]

niche marketing

Do You Know the Niche You’re Marketing To? How to Define Potential Clients

Whatever the size and aspirations of your company, you will have a target market that will receive the bulk of your marketing and promotional campaigns. Even larger companies serve one or more niche markets, or narrowly defined segments of the buying public who are more likely to be interested in specific products and services.