How to Choose the Best Real Estate CRM and Marketing Vendor

Having a real estate CRM is like having an assistant to help you keep track of your clients, properties, and campaigns. These days, a CRM is an indispensable and necessary tool for any real estate business that wants to compete and stay efficient. But the CRM market is saturated. It can be confusing finding the […]

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How the Right Real Estate CRM Can Help Busy Agents Boost Productivity

Every day, real estate agents must balance an enormous number of tasks and obligations to stay productive. Technology is supposed to help you stay organized, maximize your sales capability, and streamline your communications. A real estate CRM is an ideal tool for achieving these goals, but not every real estate CRM helps busy agents become […]

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Real Estate CRM

Three Reasons Why Agents Should Be Using a Real Estate CRM

No matter what type of real estate business you’re running, whether it be a referral-based business or a hit the phones type of business, every agent should have a real estate CRM. A CRM or customer relationship management platform can help you maintain contact with your current leads and your former clients. A good real […]

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