Unlocking the Potential of Your Client Database with Automated Real Estate Marketing

Managing, overseeing, and staying in touch with your audience of contacts and customers is rarely easy. With so much data to interpret and expectations to meet, it’s not uncommon for companies of all sizes to experience some degree of strain as they try and keep up with their customer’s needs. This is where automated marketing […]

MyLeadDashboard Real Estate Marketing

The Future of Automated Real Estate Marketing: MyLeadDashboard.com

In the real estate industry, following up with clients and prospects is perhaps the most important part of maintaining sustainable growth. But if your goal is to capture as many real estate leads as you can, you need to generate prospects easily and follow up with all of them rapidly and extensively, even years after […]

How to Choose the Best Real Estate CRM and Marketing Vendor

Having a real estate CRM is like having an assistant to help you keep track of your clients, properties, and campaigns. These days, a CRM is an indispensable and necessary tool for any real estate business that wants to compete and stay efficient. But the CRM market is saturated. It can be confusing finding the […]

How to Save Time by Automating Your Just Listed & Just Sold Marketing Campaigns

There’s something iconic about “Just Listed” and “Just Sold” yard signs. People who see them just can’t help but take a quick look at the homes behind them. But as a real estate marketing strategy, they aren’t very effective. A sign won’t reach very many people, so other strategies are necessary. Although most people today […]

Prospecting Letter Templates

Real Estate Marketing: Examples of Prospecting Letter Templates

To generate leads and attract new clients, real estate agents need a way to introduce themselves and keep in touch. Prospecting letters have long been an important part of real estate marketing. Many agents, though, find themselves at a loss as to what they should say. Prospecting Letter Templates Fortunately, if you’re looking for inspiration on […]

Real Estate Marketing Emails

Real Estate Marketing: Adding a Personal Touch to Emails

With all the focus on digital marketing strategies, it can be easy to forget that the personal touch still greatly matters. Studies consistently show that email is the number one go-to channel for marketers, but email campaigns have changed over the past several years. What worked just five years ago is no longer effective in […]

Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing: How To Get Neighbors To An Open House

Some of the best referrals for buyers are living right next door. Neighbors, who may know of a friend, relative, or coworker looking to buy, can provide the best word-of-mouth real estate marketing for open houses. They may even be ready to list their own homes. Looking for ways to get these valuable ambassadors to attend […]

Real Estate Marketing: Resources For Generating Business

Real Estate Marketing: Resources For Generating Business

Real estate marketing is a complex endeavor. Are you doing all you can to set yourself apart in today’s crowded field? While the Internet has opened up a world of opportunities in real estate marketing, it still requires a lot of work and time – something Realtors constantly struggle with. You probably spend more time […]

Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing: Getting More Testimonials

If effective real estate marketing relies on reeling people in to choose you as their go-to pro, testimonials are the powerful bait you can use to lure them. The 2016 Buyer and Seller Survey from the National Association of Realtors found that referrals and repeat business both remain a huge source of opportunity for real estate professionals. In […]