Social Media

Is Your Social Media Approach Engaging or Annoying?

Social media is important for all small business owners. That’s true whether you’re in real estate, retail, or provide HVAC or plumbing services. Almost everybody knows that these days, but for some, using social tools the wrong way can be devastating. That’s because so many consumers are inundated with social notifications and requests these days that […]

customer relations

Does Your Business Understand Relationship Marketing?

Does Your Business Understand Relationship Marketing? It’s estimated that, for the average company, less than 20 percent of their customers will return for another sale. Customer retention can be tricky, and a lot of organizations don’t do it right. So how do you keep customers around, and even get them to tell their friends about […]

Generate Leads with Social Media and Funnel Them to Your CRM Tool

More and more, social media is being used as a fertile ground for finding, qualifying, and converting leads. If you generate leads with social media, however, you also need an effective and efficient way to handle those leads once you have them. The following techniques can help you improve the way you generate leads with social […]

customer retention

Customer Retention That Embraces Both the Virtual and Traditional

The costs of retaining a customer are significantly less than those of gaining that customer in the first place, so it makes sense to maintain a strong customer retention program. Long before the Internet and smartphones, traditional methods of customer retention were highly successful. Today, combining the virtual and traditional will create a customer retention strategy […]

brand audit

To Craft a Unique Positioning, Do a Brand Audit to Establish a Benchmark

Maintaining your brand’s unique position in the marketplace requires a thorough understanding of what your brand stands for, what benefits it provides for customers, and what strengths and weaknesses define its identity. A brand audit is a comprehensive brand-focused SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis used to identify and define your brand’s unique characteristics. A […]

social media lead generation

How Best to Boost Your Lead Generation Results with Social Media

Social media gives you multiple opportunities to reach customers and build brand awareness. At the same time, using social media to its best effect can also improve lead generation and bring in more potential customers for your business. Here are some productive ways that you can improve lead generation results with your social media participation.

Turnkey Marketing Programs

Drive Sales with Turnkey Marketing Programs That Don’t Feel “Cookie-Cutter”

Turnkey marketing programs give you the advantage of speed in your marketing efforts. They can be implemented quickly, giving you almost immediate access to features such as prospect and customer segmentation, print media, and email marketing. When applying turnkey marketing programs, you must carefully balance speed and ease of implementation with the need to differentiate your […]

online content

6 Elements of Online Content That Makes It Shareable and Grows Your Audience

Content marketing is a powerful tool made even more effective through shareable online content. The effects of your content marketing efforts will be multiplied many times if your current customers share your content with friends, family and colleagues who may not know about you. Here are six elements for creating appealing, shareable online content.