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B2B Sales Lagging? Get More Referrals with these Strategies

In the context of B2B sales, generating leads and getting referrals is just as important as in B2C selling. When dealing with other businesses, however, a B2B sales professional has some different but effective B2B referral strategies that can be brought into play to increase the number of leads and referrals.? Build your social media […]

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Locating Your Target Market — Narrow It Down for Greater Success

As a businessperson, you know your products and services well, and you probably know who you sell to most often. But do you really know your target market as well as you should? Here are some suggestions you can use to narrow down your target market and help you see the most profitable areas for your marketing […]

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4 Corporate Branding Strategies — Which One’s Most Likely to Hit Your Demographic?

In today’s vast international market, focusing attention on your company, products and services becomes more difficult as similar offerings emerge from competing companies. The following are four corporate branding strategies that have been proven effective in specific demographic segments.

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Do You Know the Niche You’re Marketing To? How to Define Potential Clients

Whatever the size and aspirations of your company, you will have a target market that will receive the bulk of your marketing and promotional campaigns. Even larger companies serve one or more niche markets, or narrowly defined segments of the buying public who are more likely to be interested in specific products and services.