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The Continuity Programs difference is in the marketing technology.

Our marketing programs are supported by industry-leading technology. Your success relies on clean data, effective tracking, and granular individual detail. Continuity Programs has developed proprietary systems to meet these needs- and it can all be handled as part of your marketing services with us.

Continuity Programs’ facility and equipment are capable of the latest and greatest in variable, digital, and on-demand printing. Couple this with our advanced e-mail marketing platforms and we put 100% turn-key cross-media marketing programs at your fingertips. All mailings include a postage-paid response card; all e-mails include an online response form. This diversification allows your customer to communicate with you through whichever channel they are comfortable. Data cleaning for address validation using the National Change of Address (NCOA) database, as well as database scrubbing to generate leads from past customers is available.

Continuity Programs’ online database management system, EMPOWER, puts the control of your customer database management in the palm of your hands. EMPOWER is free with the Connections Customer Retention Program. Additionally, Continuity Programs provides cutting-edge electronic lead generation and customer tracking reports that allow you to manage and follow-up with your customers with ease and efficiency. The extensive tracking and reporting system notifies you when your customer has a need for your services. Leads for services in the future are sent immediately and a reminder is sent to you again at the time your customer indicated they would be back in the market. Leads will not fall through the cracks! The customer tracking system will automatically notify you when your customer’s campaign is ending and you can choose to extend the program. You will never lose touch with your customers.

Your past customers are your best source of new business. Contact Continuity Programs to start a lead generation program with customer tracking today!

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