Lead Generation From Past Customers

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Count the ways Continuity Programs is able to generate leads for you.

  • Program marketing mailings include an attached postage-paid Customer Response Card.
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Lead Generating Surveys include a postage-paid business reply envelope.
  • E-mail marketing E-Cards include an online Customer Response Form.
  • All Customer Response Cards and online Customer Response Forms encourage your customer to tell you about their current and future needs for your services. We make it convenient for them.
  • All communications include your preferred contact information so it remains at your customers’ fingertips. Customers will refer to your communications for your phone number, e-mail address, website and social media links.
  • E-mail marketing E-Cards and E-Alerts allow your customer to reply directly to your e-mail address.
  • All marketing mailings and e-mail marketing campaign communications subtly request referrals.
  • Event based or targeted mass marketing mailings and e-mail campaigns generate leads for prospecting sales to acquire new customers.

All of these strategies can be combined and work together to optimize your ability to reach those past customers who are most likely to buy from you in the future. With our comprehensive system, you don’t have to worry about managing a marketing program yourself, or tracking the leads generated by it. We’ll take care of everything: once we determine your needs and get the materials ready, your marketing program is completely turn-key: you do nothing but contact the leads as they come in. We’ll even track the leads for you with our cutting-edge reporting tools. You’ll receive the hottest leads as they arrive, plus a monthly digest that shows you everything generated over the past month.

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