Contractor Testimonials

“We are known in our area as aggressive marketers. We install around 1,500 new advanced systems a year, and complete hundreds of service calls a week. We have been using the Connections Program for almost 10 years. The Connections Program has helped us grow our customer retention rate, now over 60% and exponentially grow our service agreement business. We also send 50 radius mailers on every install and every resident in our service area gets a least a couple a year reminding them we are the company to call. Our sales staff reference the customer satisfaction analysis done by Continuity, to show our near 100% third party conducted satisfaction ratings. If you really want to grow and build your brand, I recommend you partner with Continuity Programs unless you are in my service area.”
Jim Corrion, Owner
C&C Heating & Air Conditioning/Hinson Home Comfort Services
Client since 2004

“We have been using the Connections Program since 2002 and I can absolutely see the benefits. We have had an increase in referrals and an increase in our ‘Gold Plan’ extended service contracts. Most of that has come from the mailings our customers are receiving on a regular basis from your program. The returned surveys have been very valuable. Customers are telling us what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong, giving us an opportunity to correct problem situations and keep our customers satisfied. We are also getting repeat business from many of our new customers! The SurroundMail program has been very beneficial. It has always been a challenge to make the neighbors aware that we are working in their area with one of their neighbors. Sending the postcards to the neighbors works great! With over 70 trucks on the road and a little over 100 employees, we have to spend our money effectively to create new business. I would highly recommend your program to anyone in our industry.”
Gary Marowske, President
Flame Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical
Client since 2002

“The team at Continuity Programs took the time to understand my home performance business, and put together an impressive marketing program that fits our brand. As a very busy business man, there is no way I could facilitate a program like this on my own. Since starting the program, I’ve received phone call leads and responses to the mailings — including some referrals! Since our industry is still new, and consumers are only beginning to learn about it in many areas, the building of brand awareness and credibility in my area alone is well worth the cost of the programs.”
Mark Pytiak, President
Green Home Energy
Client since 2012