Mortgage and Financial Testimonials

“Hi Team – I am not sure if anyone else has had any success with the e-mail continuity program, but I have been pretty impressed. I am refinancing a client on Thursday that responded to the e-mail that they received on my behalf. I have had two others respond to have me get in touch with them. I got an e-mail from the continuity program sending me an urgent message of one of my clients wanting me to get in touch with them immediately and then they followed that up with a phone call to make sure I got the e-mail and contacted the client. I always worry about a program like this as to what they are really doing behind the scenes with the money we are paying, but so far I am pretty impressed to know my clients are getting e-mail touches from me. Just thought I would pass that along.”
John Millard, Branch Manager
John Adams Mortgage
Client since 2012

“I wanted to pass this along because I thought you’d be interested. The other day I received a (Building Customer Loyalty) survey from a customer. The customer mentioned that he was shopping to refinance his loan and found a better rate somewhere else. Because of this survey I had the loan officer call him to see what we could do. First, the customer felt that his business really mattered to us. When he wrote that down he didn’t think anybody was going to read it or care enough to respond. He was also flattered that we might be able to work with him on the rate. I want to thank you because it looks to me like this survey may have saved a loan! Thanks! It was well worth the price of the enrollment!”
Richard Kozlowski, Assistant Vice President
Mascoma Savings Bank
Client since 2001